Training Data

You can download several hours of training data for all competition categories here. Along with the training data, we provide the respective sensor information and a file containing the expected results. You can use the results file to assess the accuracy of your algorithm and to improve things accordingly. A detailed description of the format and all the data fields is provided here.

Note that the training data is provided exactly in the same format as the evaluation data will be provided on the competition day. Please preapare your algorithms such that they can handle this format. The evaluation data sets will also have roughly the same size and coverage as these training data sets.

Important: By downloading and/or using any data provided here, you accept the terms of use of the OpenSky Network. To prevent unlawful use of the data, we have protected the download section with a password. In order to get the credentials, please send an email to Matthias saying that you have read and accept the terms.

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